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Buying app installs. Is it effective and safe? Where to buy?

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You may have heard about app installs and CPI Traffic when you started marketing your game or app. It is very important to market your app well if you want to generate some revenue. And, to make people use it you need to show them what is your app is all about and why that is better than many others available.So in one word – “Visibility” is everything you need now!

Is buying apps installs safe?

Buying an application installs is the same as a banner ad. On honest systems, no one is tempted to install the application and the user chooses to do so. It’s just like video ads that need to be watched to continue watching your video. In systems where users are real,  people usually use these applications and do not remove them. Yes, users are paid for installing the application. Just like people who watch ads for money or read emails. But Google does not endorse buying reviews and ratings in the store.

In the latest systems you do not have to implement the code into your application. Just enter the url to the official store and click “run campaign”.

What is CPI Traffic?

CPI stands for Cost per Install.  This method charges you some amount when a user installs your app. When you buy any CPI Traffic, the providers start campaign of your app using their network, realusers and devices to install your app. Thus, you get large amountsof app installs within a very short period of time. Once the app installs get increase, the organic searches also increase in numbers. Official stores like Google Play Store or iTune, both work on the base of organic searches on CPI calculations. This way your app gets higher rank in store because:

  • more app installs using CPI Traffic, increase mouth to mouth promotions and social media sharing by the real users with great networking;
  • reviews, ratings and installs help you generating high rank in the store;
  • great features of your app are discussed and comparison is being done with other similar app, only ends up increasing more installs from real existing users;
  • once your app start getting popularity, it attracts the good reviewers to review your app and thus generating more real traffic.

Only 0.1 per installation, real people, simple service: See the best system to buy the installation. We checked it!

Your app is the best app anyone has ever built?

Yes sure it is but imagine a situation, where you are an application developer with great skills and developed a killer app using Android or iOS. Now you have maintained everything to post the app on store. After all the testing, verification and constant hard work, you realize that this is the best app in the world. But even after being there on Google Play Store, why the installs are still below 100? After sharing on social media and telling everyone to install your application, the app installs are not going beyond 500. If this was the scenario ever with you, you are at the right place.

A buyer gets attracted to your application only when the app marketing is good enough. If there is no visibility of your application in Google Paly Store or iTunes, then use will not return to install your app – even if it is very efficient one.

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Buying app installs is the cheapest and best method of promotion.

What I should do to boost up app installs?

Here is what you should do:

  • Buy High Retention App Installs:
    Retention rate for an Android or ios application is the duration the app is retained by the user. When the retention rate is high with the existing customers, it will draw the new customers. You need to buy high retention installs from a trusted providers and get a boost in app installs very quickly. It takes 1-2 days based on your keyword traffic and competitions to generate the desired results.
  • Use Mobile App Campaigns:
    You should use paid mobile app campaigns to boost the app installs. On many platforms you can create mobile app campaigns with full control. You can also connect to our publishers and the ads go into live mode in minutes. Through these campaigns, the new users will get to know about your app or game more and more and thus the chance of getting installations increased.
  • Buy Android Installs or iOS installs:
    To get a higher ranking at the iTune or Google Play Store, you should really buy android app installs or buy iOS Installs.  Buying these app installs is a real benefit as the search algorithm of official stores works on CPI The more your organic search and installs will increase, the higher the ranking will be on Google Store or iTunes. This will definitely attract reviewers and real users to play around with your app.
  • Buy CPI Traffic:
    To promote your apps through the hands of real users and devices, you should buy CPI Traffic. Using thousands of trusted publishers, real users and real devices, you can advertise your app to the millions of users and allow them to install your app effectively. The best platforms can detect false installs and prevent them. Also, using analytics, all the app performance metrics with a few clicks.

About CPI CPA and etc

When you start develop a mobile app you must keep in mind all the mobile media smart pricing strategies. As a matter of fact it helps you to calculate an estimated cost to engage users to your app.

For people, who are in this business for a long time now, know every angle of this business. But, for them who are naïve often get confused with the abbreviations which are developed to address the terms utilized for mobile marketing.

CPA – Call Per Action:

CPA is the most fruitful and undisruptive advertising model for all the publishers. The main aspect of for this is that the value is already pre-determined for each and every conversion. It can be explained as the publisher of the app only rewards the app user if he fulfills the required actions related to the app. This entire mobile model can be as beneficial as other model like Cost Per Sale. This model is probably used for purposes like registration for an app or subscribing for an app.

CPE – Cost Per Engagement:

The CPE model is a blend of two models, which are Cost Per Action and Cost Per Click. To elaborate about this model we can say that it is dependent upon the user’s engagement with an advertisement. So, if a user cancels a running ad or he stops the video of an advertisement, the major motive behind such model is to attract and engage more visitors. If a user clicks on the ad, then that means the actual engagement of the user.

CPI – Cost Per Install:

The idea behind this model is that you only have to make payments for the complete installs. On the contrary to this with these types of models this may happen that the user installs your app for getting more and more reward and doesn’t interacts with you in that case it can set a major loophole for your business beware of such circumstances.

CPC – Cost Per Click:

In this model the owner of the app has to make payment only if the user clicks on the ad. It is a great model for advertising your app as with the help of this model the owner can calculate the returns related to each and every advertisement. As a whole the publisher can make a rough estimate of the revenue that he will generate with the help of CPC.

CPM – Cost Per Million:

This oldest model means that you have to pay for every million impressions made by the user on your app. It is the best model for building up your app recognition and enhancing the user engagement.

It has further subtypes as well:

  • eCPM: Effective Cost Per Million;
  • oCPM: Optimized Cost Per Million.

CPV – Cost Per Completed View:

This model, if you wish to promote your brand then the video or the clip must be created as such it makes the user aware about your app. The app owner will get benefit from this type of user engagement model.

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Buying app installs scheme:

Usually apps have become the most engaging business models today. If there is a business, it is replicated in an app form to attract more customers, to engage users consistently, to notify them about the latest updates via notifications and what not. Today apps are certainly trending nowadays and there is a lot more spike in the app market. However, with this comes an immense competition that filters or divert potential clients from an maker. This calls out for some smart marketing ideas that can help in boost app store ranking.

Let’s talk about the whole idea

  1. Buy some mixed reviews for your app
    Reviews play an important role that eventually factors the install decision. Hence, it could be a necessity for an app publisher to encourage previous users to share their feedback on the app stores. An app developer can also buy reviews for the app that will be positive, including some mixed ones.
  2. App install campaign
    This is basically an advertisement campaign that is run on social media and other third-party sites to enhance the probability or chances of app installs. App campaign can also be used to enhance the number of installs at cost effective prices. They also enhance app visibility across larger number of people and hence, are very beneficial.
  3. Get the best PRs on board
    The app description should be crystal clear and should consist of all important keywords that a relevant search could be linked. This could only happen if the app developer hires the services of the best PR. The PR shall not only have this covered but also ensure better SEO optimization for higher app visibility.
  1. Address the negative reviews
    Unfortunately negative reviews cannot be removed from an app store. It is important for an app developer to try and address the issue faced by the app user and try and convert the negative review into a positive one. This needs to be done as it can hurt the reputation of the app as well as negatively influence the future installs.
  1. Analysis and monitoring
    It is time to monitor and analyze what’s going right and what’s not. Being a continuous process, there is a need to tweak and adjust a similar process consistently to ensure best results. There are many app rank tools that help in analyzing critical information that ultimately helps in boosting app ranking on iOS or any other app store.

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