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CoLocalizer for iPad

What is CoLocalizer?

CoLocalizer is an app for iPad that belongs to the category productivity . The CoLocalizer represents colorful type of graphics and its size is in the range of 1 – 50 MB. The application is dedicated to: man and woman especially of age: 21 – 40.

to analyze colocalization in your fluorescence

Description from the app developer

CoLocalizer for iPad is a mobile version of CoLocalizer Pro for Mac.
It gives everything you need to analyze colocalization in your fluorescence microscopy images on the go. CoLocalizer also allows working seamlessly between your Mac and iPad without sacrificing software functionality and ensures access to your data from anywhere, even on a PC. Designed exclusively for iOS, CoLocalizer takes full advantage of the latest iOS features and technologies. So you can enjoy innovative, fast, and powerful tools, intuitive user interface, and state-of-the-art performance.

Our review

“CoLocalizer” is very useful app. It is noteworthy that the producer spent a lot of time to publish it. CoLocalizer is a title that is worth downloading and at least test. Keep in mind that the mobile app is tailored to age at 31-40 and there are in-app payments. 

Developer says that people should download it because it is first truly professional app to analyze fluorescence microscopy images on a mobile device. What is important is that the application is inspired by another app so it is worth seeing what it is.

Advantages of the application:

  • nice graphics;
  • well and fast;
  • highly useful for Internet users;
  • small application size;

Where to download CoLocalizer?

This app can be downloaded from official iPad store for free. Its size is in the range of 1 – 50 MB.
The application has been released by VADYM ZINCHUK and contains ads.

download application apk

Tips and tricks?

The app is inspired by a widely used and recognized in scientific community Mac version, CoLocalizer Pro: However, the iOS app is designed specifically for a mobile device, such as an iPad, taking into consideration its unique features and capabilities:

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