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Personal Beauty & Wellness
Personal Beauty and Wellness

What is Personal Beauty & Wellness ?

Personal Beauty & Wellness is an app that belongs to the category lifestyle and health. The PBW app represents minimalist type of graphics and its size is in the range of 1 – 50 MB. The application is dedicated to: man and woman especially of age: 21-30.

Description from the app developer

Personal Beauty And Wellness, (PBW) is a free APP, through which one can easily search and reserve appointments with trusted and pre-screened local beauty and wellness professionals. These professionals are available to perform services either at your home, office, any location of your choice or at the professional’s place of business. The PBW Team is always available to help you set up services and prices if you have a website. Through PBW App, you can book your appointment 24/7 from either your cellphone or any mobile device. The professionals on PBW App have been working in their respective industries for several years and are true experts in their line of business.

At Personal Beauty & Wellness, safety, comfort and peace of mind of our users are paramount. For this reason, all professionals who are allowed to carry out services at your home or any location of your choice have been thoroughly vetted and screened with background checks performed on them and their business. With PBW, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home or office and travel to a hair salon, yoga studio, makeup or spa. We are bringing the services directly to your location of choice. You can book your desired services and be rest assured that they will be performed by the professionals in the comfort of your own home and on your own time.


Our review

“Personal Beauty & Wellnes” is very useful app. It is noteworthy that the creator spent a lot of time to publish it. PBW is a title that is worth downloading and at least test. Keep in mind that the mobile app is tailored to age at 21- 30 and there are simple in-app payments. Developer says that people should download it because this is 24/7 Appointment Booking with Your local beauty or wellness experts. What is important is that the app is a completely new idea so it is worth seeing what it is.

Advantages of the application:

  • well and fast;
  • many possibilities;
  • highly useful for Internet users;
  • small application size;

Where to download PBW?

This app can be downloaded from official Google Play store for free. Its size is in the range of 1 – 50 MB. The application has been released by Personal Beauty & Wellness, Inc and doesn’t contains ads.

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